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Study: Illegal TV Consumption Still Causes High Economic and Social Losses

Watching illegal live content on TV was still widespread in 2022 and has actually increased noticeably in recent years. TV piracy causes annual economic losses of €1.8 billion, while foregone taxes and social security contributions total €390 million. This is the conclusion of a VAUNET-study on TV piracy.

Pay TV and paid video content continue to grow

The market for pay TV and paid video content is continuing to grow in not just Germany, but also Austria and Switzerland. This is confirmed in the report ‘Pay TV and Paid VoD in Germany 2021/2022’ published by VAUNET.

Media consumption in 2021: Daily audio and audiovisual media usage in Germany rises to 10 hours for the first time

The use of audio and audiovisual media in Germany increased in 2021 for the second year running since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, reaching a new record. For the first time, people aged 14 and over in Germany consumed audiovisual media for an average of 10 hours per day. Daily use of television, radio and other audiovisual media grew over the previous year by 13 minutes to 10 hours. These were the key findings of the VAUNET Media Usage Analysis for 2021, compiled by the VAUNET Association of Private Media on the basis of secondary sources and published today.

VAUNET study on future trends in in-car infotainment

The prospect of tomorrow’s cars not being fitted with a radio or some other form of audio system is inconceivable. If anything, the importance of high-quality in-car audio systems and radio/audio services looks set to rise. Linear radio will remain relevant, yet at the same time, the trend towards personalization, hybrid solutions, and the integration of additional devices and services will continue. These are the key findings of the VAUNET study entitled ‘Fast Forward: The Future of In-Car Audio’ addressing the development of in-car infotainment over the next few years.

VAUNET expects revenue of audiovisual media in Germany in 2021 to total €14.3 billion; growth held back by Covid-19

Revenue growth of the audio and audiovisual media in Germany in 2020 and 2021 has been impeded by the pandemic. In 2020, the turnover of all audiovisual media including streaming, paid audio and video, and teleshopping rose by 3.7 per cent to €13.38 billion. These are the key findings of the report for 2020 and the outlook for 2021 unveiled in Berlin by VAUNET, the umbrella organization for commercial audiovisual media in Germany.

Study: In-car infotainment systems becoming smarter and more connected

Buckle up, turn up the volume, foot down on the accelerator: listening to the radio is part and parcel of driving a car. This is clearly apparent in the latest generation of vehicles where, despite their increasingly smart communication and entertainment systems, the emphasis is still on radio and audio, shows the VAUNET-study ‘Switch On: In-Car Audio Systems’.

German Audiovisual Advertising Market 2020: COVID-19 slows down radio and TV advertising, advertising on streaming offerings continues to grow

The audiovisual media as an advertising medium were slowed down by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the past year and their financing weakened considerably in some cases. Declining revenue was recorded mainly in the sector of linear radio and television advertising, while audio and video advertising on streaming services continued to grow against the trend.

VAUNET Forecast for the German Media Market in 2019

For the first time, audiovisual media in Germany will, according to the "Media Market Forecast for 2019" issued by VAUNET, realise a turnover of more than 13 billion euros during the current year 2019.

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